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USB plug in mixer won't split channels


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so I plug in the harbinger L1402FX 12 channel mixer and it will only record it all in one single track. I thought I would be able to plug and play with each separate channel in its own track to be able to mess with it accordingly. PLEASE HELP! I have been one tracking my samples out of frustration that I can't get it to work. Thank you very much in advance!!! I am using my MacBook Air on GarageBand app for now until I can get the hang of it then proceed to further invest.
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Hey thanks for the response! the issue is that I thought all 12 channels would open up in GarageBand in their own track not all 12 channels into one lone track that I can't EQ properly. I currently have it set up where the drum mics are channels 1-5, then 6 is bass 7 guitar and so forth. its great that I can sort of clean the channels through the mixer but being able to see it and fix it more on GarageBand will help.
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