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Akai Mpk88 to control plugin paramters and select tracks


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I want to do two things:


1) Press either i) a button (below sliders), or ii) a pad, to SELECT A TRACK within the main Logic X window


2) Be able to open any plugin and for all its parameters to be already assigned to my knobs and sliders. Note: please understand I do not want to spend hours setting up via Learn dozens of midi controller assignments to all my plugin parameters - I want a situation where just by opening a plugin causes my Akai to recognise and auto assign that plugins parameters to the knobs/sliders. So theoretically, if I open a compressor plugin which happens to have 10 controls, opening it causes the Akai to use up 10 of the knobs/sliders instantly.


If I cannot do step 2, am I right in thinking my only option is to manually assign via Learn all the plugin parameters I think I might use in a project before hand?


Thank you to anyone who is willing to help me out.


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