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Can not drag-and-drop files into Match EQ

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After I have taught the Match EQ my current project, I try to drag an audio-file into the reference-tab, but nothing is happening (as in the EQ-board is still blank). This occurs both when "Learn" is activated and not.


It works when I sidechain a channel with the audio I want it to mimic, but the drag-and-drop-function has worked before, so I must have done something to make the plugin upset.


Does any one know what I am doing wrong?

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I just did some testing and did 2 succesful workflows:


a) I dragged a mp3 track (320 kbs) from Logic's File Browser onto the Match EQ (on the word "Reference") > outcome: the mp3 is analysed and then a Reference spectrum is succesfully created.


b) In Match EQ plugin, I clicked on the gearwheel icon, to the left of the word "Reference" and then choose "generate Reference spectrum from audio file"

I then get a finder window in which i can choose an audiofile.

I choose another mp3 (320 kbs) track > outcome: this mp3 track is analysed and then a Reference spectrum is succesfully created.


Some question that do pop up in my mind for you:

a) From where did you frag the audio file onto Match EQ ?

b) What are the audio specs/format of the dragged file ? ( samplerate, bit depth, mp3 or wav or aif or caf ??)


Warm Regards.

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