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Midi Out commands overloading MainStage - Help Required


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In a Concert set, I've created a Midi channel strip to send Midi file data out through an IAC Driver port. However every time I turn the IAC Driver online, MainStage gets overloaded with the amount of outgoing Midi commands (even though I have yet to actually add a source midi file to the channel strip) being sent and freezes.


The Midi channel strip details are:


Midi output: MidiClock IAC Driver

Midi output: Channel 1

Expression: 127

Midi FX: None

Input: None

Output: None


Can someone explain what I might be doing wrong, and how to solve the problem?





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The IAC bus is a bus. So when you send some midi to it, it also shows up at the main stage input if mainstage is configured to listen to all midi ports as input.


So you can easily end up with a midi feedback loop if you set things up wrong and probably the default is wrong. Midi feedback loops will crash both logic and mainstage.


So, check all your midi inputs to your concert and make sure you are explicitly specifying midi port, don’t use all.


It’s also possible to put a scripter script on the channel that is sending midi to IAC, and basically make sure that channel ignores incoming midi. So if you’re just using that channel to send a midi file, then use the script to make sure no incoming midi goes out again

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