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Logic pro 9 logic pro 10 instruments presets

Marc Walravens

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Hello there everyone,


I'm brand new here.

I work in logic pro 9 environment.

I have multiple songfiles in this environment but I'd like to finally upgrade to logic pro X.


When I'd open a logic pro 9 in logic pro X:


Does logic pro X provide the same instrument and plugin presets bulk as logic pro 9?

Or has logic pro X a logic pro 9 legacy preset-collection where my chosen presets in logic pro 9 can be maintained in logic pro x?


If I make a sample presets in the exs24 with f.i. arp quadra samples in logic pro 9, will they be used or opened or transferred into logic pro X?


What about automation of your song in logic pro 9, will that be transferred into logic pro X aswell?


What about environments and songtemplates?

Can these be used or reintegrated or transferred from logic pro 9 to X?


Thank you,

I'm somewhat unsure what's coming to me.


Cheers !


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Yes, everything will work. Everything already on your system will continue to be seen by LPX, and LPX will load and convert LP9 songs without problems.


Also, LP9 will stay on your system, so you can run LP9 and LPX as necessary (as long as your OSX version supports both apps, LP9 won't run in Sierra for example.)

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