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I/O Improvement and Tape Recorder Mode


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Based on my last two threads, I would like to suggest two new features. Does Apple read this?


First, make a check box on the I/O plugin and does all of the bussing and necessary latency setting overrides in the background to make it "just work". The learning curve on using the I/O plug with accurate delay compensation is a bit tedious, so this option will enable the necessary PDC and latency settings temporarily, set up a bus and aux channel invisibly in the background, and let you record to the audio track of your choice without having to route all that stuff by hand on every track you need to send out. This could help save quite a bit of time when sending out multiple tracks for analog submix summing, and can clean up templates that are set up to allow external processing and/or summing. Hardware is certainly not waning in popularity. Quite the opposite.


Second, a "tape recorder" mode that shuts off the grid and tempo integration entirely. All audio regions preserve their relative positions, and the tempo ONLY affects the metronome clicks you hear with your ear. Many of us (I've read plenty of similar complaints, so I know it's not just me being weird) like Logic, but want to just record music fluidly and not "build" it inside a computer program using the foundation of measure and beats.


If you can get these done by next week, that'd be great. Thanks, Apple.

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