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external instrument plugin not saving midi destination


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This is driving me nuts.

I use external instrument plugin. I choose a midi destination from the dropdown. I choose Input. All good. I save my session.

When I open the session again, the midi destination is gone, shows '---' the input is still there.

If I use the 'legacy' the midid destination s recalled fine.

Is there some conflict between the midi environment and the audiomidi setup?

My audiomidi setup midi is all correctly setup & labelled (afaik...)

Please geniuses help me out.



LPX1.4.1 OSX 10.12.6

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Hi all,

I have solved this now, by rebuilding my autoload from scratch.

My old one was from Logic9 and had various midi objects in the environment. Although I don't know for sure.... I think some conflict between the environment & the audiomidi setup was what caused the issue.


Thanks for your suggestions



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