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ESX24 Instrument File Not Found


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I've had it with Logic and it's ESX24 Sampler. It won't find samples I've created and there is no good reason for it. All I did was move my current project from my computer hard drive to my external hard drive. Now, Logic can't find my instruments, and even when I go back to older projects on my computer hard drive it says it can't find it. I've done everything in the book. Reindexed the spotlight, made alias folders, checked to make sure the audio samples and instruments weren't moved. It says the instrument files cannot be found, but then I go to the Sampler Instrument folder where all the instrument files are and look, there they are. Literally nothing was moved but the project and now everything is lost. I can't believe this. This is incredibly infuriating and all my work is just lost now. This is my last line before I scrap the project I was working on. Does anyone have any idea?
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