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How to get HELP?


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OK, maybe I'm a selfish kind of guy, but I've seen worse.

I want my own Logic Pro X help, right on my own personal

computer, like in the old days.


I think running with a 24x7 internet connection nowadays

makes less and less sense. Just the security aspect alone.


So, how can I possibly do stuff in the studio like consult

the documentation on an Apple web site?


Is there a portable or standalone version ?


Else, has anyone a good way to pull down the




help pages into a local folder or PDF, that can be hand-carried

on a "USB drive"down to the deepest studio catacombs where

the 'net don't shine, there to be studied peacefully, without tangling

in a trail of cookies and a swarm of advertising?


I especially need a clear presentation on the new tempo-tracking

features of 10.4

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@paulcristo I'm almost at the point of ripping out wifi and

ethernet cables. The main studio mac is getting to where

it can't connect to the 'net even if it wants to. There's a

drawbridge now through a windows 7 machine 5 feet away,

HTTP traffic can be briefly enabled, but if it's headed out

of the LAN, it goes through a lot of re-routes and filters.


The innocent 2nd account way isn't in line with this sort

of defense, I don't think, but I appreciate the thought.


I've tried using a separate ipad or phablet or laptop and

it's not as easy as lying out in the savannah with my

belly exposed, clicking and grinning, a youtube clip

here, and a mac forum there, so CONVENIENT, as the

predators circle and I start getting appropriate ads

even in my sleep!


@CCTMusic thanks, the funny thing is that I had done that and

somehow forgotten I had. I'm apparently partial to standalone



iBooks will do as long as I can open it when i'net is 100% blocked.

I'll try in a bit in the studio. Is there a file/folder I can port w/ USB

drive and not have to download on the machine I want to read on?

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