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New Logic Multitrack Benchmark Test


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I ran this on my 2012 MP - got up to 92 tracks before an error. 128 i/o buffer Medium Process Buffer

How on earth is that possible?!? My 2018 Mac mini can only run 73 tracks!

The Xeon class CPU's (As in the Mac Pros) are quite different in that they are more fixed and reliable in performance, regardless of thermals. Modern i5/i7/i9 CPU's only hit their full potential when turbo boost is enabled, and even then it cannot be applied across all cores for a sustained period. This means more potential power, but also more fluctuations.


A benchmark which runs many instances of lesser CPU intensive plugins will always run very well on larger multicore machines, the Mac Pro in question here could have 12 cores, for example, and yours 6 - despite having slower clock speeds it's their fundamental design to process such tasks at a fixed, sustainable rate.


Your machine will have strengths in other areas, most notably single core performance and benefitting from more modern architecture. So, i wouldn't be too concerned with benchmarks - they're a good baseline indication, but don't reveal the whole story. But this also demonstrates why a lot of Mac Pro owners were saddened at the over-priced (over-specced in areas?) of the new Mac Pro models to stick with the Xeon family on Mac.

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I understand. Sorry, i read your reply as "MBP" instead of "MP" so thought you were using an old laptop. Even so, quite impressive for 2012 model. Im currently struggling with my 2018 i7 MacMini which is why I'm testing it. Am i right in thinking turboboost on my machine is on most of the time by default? I saw a video on youtube mentioning an app called Turbo Boost Switcher that forces turboboost but people in the comments said you dont need it as turboboost is on most the time anyway
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Getting a stable 39 tracks on my 2012 15" 2.3ghz quad core which I was actually quite impressed with, kept going even as i opened chrome etc. Figured it would be worse than that. Would love to see someone do that test with the MBA over half an hour or so, see if it throttles down and the track counts drop down


afaik the cinebench scores are inline with this. it throttles after half an hour, but not significantly.

so 109 on the M1 Mini vs 99 on the M1 MBA is pretty much what you can expect

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Here's another comparison with the Logic benchmark. Air M1 is 88 tracks and MBP M1 is 90 tracks.

Go to 14:00 on the video for Logic benchmark.



iirc that's the result if you leave threading to automatic - it only uses 4 performance cores, if you set it to 8 it also uses the efficiency. (The guy on GS first did it like that)


Also, process buffer range affects it.


i'm not sure how the guy in the video had it setup, but that could explain the discrepancies

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I can sometimes get 31 tracks with my fully spec'd 2014 15-inch MBP, but 30 is more reliable (1024 buffer, processing threads automatic, buffer range large). Not very interesting.


What is interesting to me though is that it seems like the base model M1 Mini is reporting in at anywhere from 90 to 109 depending on who you believe. Even if it's the lower end then that's 3X what I can do! I suppose that's not to be unexpected since my computer is, well, 6 years old at this point, but I also paid $3K for this and a Mini only costs $700!


I'm definitely going to pull the trigger on this, I'll still keep my MBP for travel and such - I don't see much travel in my future, and honestly I normally just bring my iPad, but 99% of the time it's acting as a desktop anyway so the Mini is perfect for me.


This is great! I do a lot of online collaboration and with many of the software instrument focused songs my computer craps out early and I'm constantly freezing/unfreezing tracks which becomes annoying quick. It's twice as bad when I'm collaborating in real-time using Zoom or AnyDesk, sometimes I hit a wall after just 6-8 tracks!

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holy (@*$%. can't wait i receive mine. I sold my 13" intel and my Intel Mini in ADVANCE and the reports that are coming in are just reenforcing this decision.


ok, but... what are you getting? air? pro? mini? looking forward to your reports...


Pro 13" to replace my MacBook Pro 13" i5 in the beginning, and as a stopgap till M1X / M2 / M1+ whatever Mini's are released for the studio :)

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