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Podcasting editing erro


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I use Logic Pro X for editing a podcast and recently I've been having some weird errors.

Normally what I do at the start is split silence from region so that I can review the tracks in detail and easily edit out ums and long pauses etc.

I then begin editing and simply move both of the tracks back when I cut something out using the ";" button after selecting everything in the time line with Shift F to keep everything synced.

Recently I've had some problems where randomly, certain segments of the clip will randomly repeat as if I had looped them?

Also when I select the individual pieces that I want to delete, they will just automatically merge into the larger clip?

Does anybody know what's going on?

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but normally the tracks are just the name of the zoom track ie "Zoom0009_trl" but now it has that name with a bunch of numbers next to it.

I have Logic Pro X, iMac retina 4k, late 2015, 3.1 ghz intel core i5 with 16 GB 1867 MHZ DDR3

Intel iris pro graphics 6200 1536 MB

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