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Inverting Cycle Length Trim Tool


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Hello all,


Is there a simple modifier to invert/reverse the direction from which the trim happens when resizing the cycle area/locators? For example, if I have an active cycle length from bar 1 to bar 8 , the tool (the one enabled by holding SHIFT) will only trim the cycle area from the left when my cursor is to the left of bar four, and from the right when it is to the right of bar 4. Say I am zoomed in so that only bars 1-3 are visible and I want to trim the active cycle area from the right so that it now only spans bars 1-2. How would I go about doing that?


I've tried every key command I can think of. My current workaround is to command-click the cycle area so that it changes into the "skip section" area, then click drag in the direction from which I'd like to trim. Working for now, but seems like a clumsy solution.

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for your specific example - just click and hold on the active cycle range and drag - you will define a new start and end point - super quick. OR you can use the key command "set left locator by playhead" and the key command "right locator by key command". This will trim the active cycle to wherever you have the playhead.....
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a) Set Playhead to where you want the Right side of the Cycle area has to be placed (i assume you have Snap enabled to do this, lets say "Snap To Bar")

b) Execute the Command : Set Right Locator by Playhead.


Hope this is of help !

Warm Regards.



Thanks, was hoping there was just a modifier I could use so that I could do this in a single one-click action, but I've set those extra key commands to single keys (F1 and F3), which works out well!

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