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Learning With The Logic Pro Book


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I just recently bought the new edition of the Logic Book.


This might seem like a dumb question, but can anyone recommend the best way to learn it? I know it has step by instructions in it, which is exactly what I wanted, but is there like a set schedule I should follow? Like maybe focusing on 1 chapter for 2 weeks, another for 2 weeks, and so on; just basically repeating the steps over and over?


Also, I was wondering if I can still read the book while away from Logic? I have downtime at my job to read but I won't be near a computer, so I wasn't sure if there would still be a point if I don't have Logic open in front of me.

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That is a rather personal topic...

I believe that learning while using Logic is very important. Reading while away could not be armful, since it provides some familiarization. However, not testing your acquired knowledge on the software will eventually yield into assumption about functions, which will result in frustration realizing Logic does not behave accordingly.

Repeating the procedures help to engrave knowledge in memory, but understanding is utmost essential. So experimenting "out of the box" to challenge same will be definitely benefitial.

Going at your pace is critical. Chances are that some Logic's features/functions will be more important than others, so focussing on them would be wise. IOW, you don't need to master every and all Logic's functions and features in order to enjoy its powerful usefulness.

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