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[Question] How to assign button on MIDI controller to a different button on a different MIDI controller


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Hello All,


I have been searching for a solution, but have not found one. I have two MIDI controllers: a finger drum pad Akai MPD226 and the Komplete Kontrol Mk2. My drum pad has 16 pads, where the first pad corresponds to C3.


How can I change the button to point to a different note on the fly (e.g. pad 1 connected to C3 actually presses F4 on my keyboard)? I'm looking for something similar to the learn function, where I would press a note on my midi keyboard, click learn, then click a pad on my controller to link that up. I've only had success assigning parameters (knobs and faders) this way. I want all the underlining notes to stay the same in Logic so that when I click C3 on my keyboard it's still C3 , I just want to quickly change the pad notes in logic so I can create drum set presets from other virtual instruments (not samples).


The Akai MPD226 has editor software, where you can manually change the note value and light color, however this is a really slow and painful process, and kills my workflow while creating. Any options (within Logic or as a plugin or external program) for multi-midi mapping would help a lot!



Outfox the Beat

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If you intend to have the same (MIDI) controller button (ie pad1) sometimes actuating parameter "X" and some other times parameter "Y", I think that could be achieved by use of modes (switching) setting in the Controller Setup window. I think that would however require use of a triggering controller button to switch between modes (X vs Y).
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