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Deciding to possible move to direct monitoring - I/O plug ins??


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HI All


im in a situation where I'm thinking that I'm going to move to a direct monitoring set up using Totalmix.


Im quite new to learning about this and want to find out positives and negatives. my main driver is obviously latency. We are using a lot of external synths and hardware. a few questions:


1. can I still use the logic external instrument plug in for synths but I just don't select an input within logic?

2. we use a lot of pre saved I/O utility plug ins for hardware such as compressors - how would this work in a direct monitoring situation, I don't think this is possible but??

3. what do I lose turning off software monitoring, I understand reverbs are effected?


many thanks, I'm a bit drowned in research so if you have time to comment that would help loads



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