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Studio Horns/String - articulation record problem


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I found that topic in other threads but have not found the solution. In Studio Horns plugin there is "Articulation" pop up tab. But it doesn't work for already recorded (or drawn in piano roll) notes. It works only when I play notes on my midi keyboard. But it makes no sense. I can't play piano and simultaneously tweaking by mouse that "Articulation" pop up tab. It's not ergonomic :)

So as I understand that's why there is something like "Articulation set" in track setting, and it allows you to change articulation from your midi keyboard by pressing "Keyswitches". And it's OK, but it still doesn't explain sense of "Articulation" pop up tab in plugin GUI if it works only for live playing.

Or maybe I just do something wrong, because I found on several video tutorials where "Articulation" pop up tab in plugin GUI works for already recorded notes. So what I do wrong that it doesn't work for me?


It's very important for me because I am not good piano player so I can't manage playing simultaneously music notes and changing at the same time articulations. That's why I would prefer to record notes, and after then - as separate take - articulations for those notes. That's why I titled topic "...articulation record problem". I know I can tweak each note event separately to change articulation, but it's annoying. Recording option would be much fun and easy.


Is that possible?

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In order to do so, one way could be to subsequently record other mean of articulation switching than Art.ID (such as CC, trigger notes, etc) and then convert (if necessary) those to Art.ID (possibly) via transform function.


OTOH, I wonder, if by mean of MIDI looping (IAC loop), the Articulation Set would work; using the proper overlap recording setting, or re-recording to another adjacent track?

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