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Garageband 10.3 Update: Loops and whatnot


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Hello community, I have a mid 2015 MacBook Pro and have installed GarageBand and Logic Pro on it. Since the 10.3 GarageBand update, things have been looking pretty ridiculous. It lags and gives BS System Overload messages while previewing my projects, which never happened before 10.3. It instantly crashes or otherwise says "Buffered interruption until the set localities are completed or else when file expires" when trying to load a plugin, and various loops in the loop browser are greyed out, missing and are mistagged. Why are these difficulties happening? Also, where are my new 1000+ and 400+ SFX loops that were promised in the new update? Is there a list of these loops and is there a way I can download them? This was solely a waste of 102 GB worth of additional downloads.




P.S. Is this the appropriate forum to post at? There seems to be no place to post GarageBand questions and Logic Pro is included in this topic so yea. If i'm wrong then feel free to move my topic to another place that is suitable for this post.

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Is it just Garageband which is having problems, or also Logic?


I don't use GarageBand but to me, that warning looks really odd, it's not a message i would expect to see in an Apple product like Garageband which is aimed at less techy users. It just doesn't seem to be worded correctly or give a concise reason for the error which is happening - unless you have translated it from another language?


Are you sure the warning is coming from GarageBand itself and not something else which is running? Is it possible to screenshot the warning and post here?


Also, if you get no help on here the apple communities/forums do have a GarageBand section:-


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It is only GarageBand with the problems and I only mentioned Logic Pro because that's where I downloaded the additional content from. The very unusual and vague warning was from GarageBand as it had the little guitar icon next to it (not translated in any way.) The entire Apple site currently appears to be down. So how do we go about finding a solution to this?
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As you've not received help here i would go to the discussions apple link i provided previous, it's ok for me.


I would say that any additional content that you download in Logic Pro would not appear in Garageband -unless- it's apple loops. But i don't even know if that's 100% correct.


Your other solution may be to uninstall garageband and install it again, depending on your internet speed this may be easy or not.(?)

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