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Trouble with closed Hi-Hat & EXS24


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I'm new to the forum so hello!

I've been trying without luck to get the hi-hat on my old Roland TD-7 kit to work properly with the ESX Sampler. I am not a master of Logic by any means. I've been in audio production professionally for about 25 years. Logic is relatively new to me, but my experience has allowed most basic functions to make sense fairly quickly...and this forum has helped to do this also!...many thanks!

Anyway, that being said, I cannot seem to get a closed hi-hat sound to play. When I hold down the hat pedal and hit the hat pad, I still get an open hat sound. If I play the open hat on the pad, It will choke closed when I press the pedal, but will still produce an open hat sound while the pedal is down after that. Also, the pedal IS producing the "chik" sound when I press down on it.

If I use drum kit designer however, and switch input mapping to V-Drum, it will operate correctly and I get the closed hat sound on the pad when the pedal is down. If I switch to GM, it will produce the open hat result however. But I wish to use ESX.

I realize this may be a mapping issue, but I don't fully understand the mapping when it involves a hi-hat pedal, and what that means as far as triggering notes/samples. I have opened up the ESX editor, and I can see the obvious note/sample mapping going on, but again, I don't know how to do this in relation to a pedal and how to make the hi-hat pad trigger the closed hat sample when the pedal is pressed down.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!



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While closing it send CC 4 info and when it closes (touches bottom) it sends the note G#.


BUT I figured out the problem last night!

It is in a setting on the V-Drums. This is what I had to do:

Go to setup->midi->ctrl and change HH Compatibility to External. The HH Note# Border will determine how far down you have to go to close the hi-hats.


Thanks for replying though!

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