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Thanks - EP on the road :-)


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Hey Guys,


I'm sorry to post here but it is exactly here that I found help and guidance.

After 1 year since I began to learn LogicPro, I finally release my EP with 5 songs (instrumental rock / post rock) fully composed, played, recorded and mixed by me in LogicPro using HEAVILY support of you.


For those who are curious:




This is a very supportive forum and made this learning process much easier.

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I was listening to your songs and on Escape when the xylophone sounding instrument does the melody in the beginning it's doing major thirds over a minor chord. Are you going for dissonance on purpose?


Thanks Triplets...

Yeap... I love dissonances. To me (in many cases add an interesting instability). I don't have formal music instruction but I'd like to read about some concepts and try to apply them in my compositions. The final approval came by the ear (if it works to me or not).


Did you feel it strange or inadequate?

I really love to hear critics and observations :-) Please let me know!

Thanks for your attention to take a listen at material :-)

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The major third works a little weird over a minor triad, it sounds wrong.

Mozart would have cringed :)


Thanks Triplets

I'll take a closer look at that.

I confess that I'm not worried with the "right or wrongs" academically speaking. But I totally agree that has to work and that many times being closely involved make our ears accept the most weird things. After a long period I get attached to this result.

Thanks :-)

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