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region loop problem


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Just recorded some drums, then cut out a 1 bar section and then looped that using the region loop tick box.I noticed as the track plays that the loop slips out of sync.As you can see the region is exactly 1 bar in length yet by bar 472 its way off.Is there some setting that I've not set or is this a bug? It is the same using repeat multiple, see screen shot 2,It increases 1 tick for every 8 bars. If some one could confirm this or deny it that would be useful in my hunt for the cause.





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If you look close, in the length column in event list, there's a dot following the last digit, meaning it's longer than a bar, but less than a tick longer. I would try change the length in event list to 1 bar exactly and see if that changes anything ? Personally I use the event float, but shouldn't matter which one you use.
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The issue is related to cutting regions when

1/ smart snap is on and you are zoomed in tight and can set the play head between ticks

2/ anytime you cut a region regardless of zoom and you have "snap edits a zero crossing" enabled.

3/ if you have your snap set to (frames, quarter frames or samples).


Your regions are not looping correctly because they are not exactly one bar long (as JacobP) indicated.


implementing one of the corrections above will stop this from occurring in the future. There are several ways to quickly fix what you have already.

and in your case given each region is one bar long do the following.


1/ open the event list ( press the up arrow in the event list to show all the regions if needed).

2/ double click on the length field and enter ( 1, space bar, 0, space bar, 0, space bar, 0 , enter) ( the dot should go away for this entry

3/ hit cmd a - to select all events in the list ( or select them manually - up to you).

4/ hold the shift+ option key down and click on the the entry you just modified - this will make all entries the same.



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