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Summing Stack Issue/Bug


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I recently came across this issue while stem mastering a track:


I had about 10 tracks whose outputs I routed through 'Bus 1' to use as my Master Bus to apply processing (compression/eq/limiting etc.)

Tracks >> Bus 1 (as Master) >> Stereo Out


Now halfway through the session, I needed to group process a bunch of tracks using the same plugins. I usually use summing stacks for this. So, I selected them and 'Created a Track Stack'. But, unfortunately, the Summing stack defaulted to Bus 1 and created a summing stack with my master bus processing on it. I couldn't figure out a way to re-route it and get my Master Bus back.


Is this how it's supposed to work? Shouldn't creating a Summing Stack default to the next free/empty bus? I know there are workarounds to it, but it's a pain to implement when you're knees deep in a session.

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Seems to be a (old) bug :/ Recreated it here in 10.0.7:

1. Created 4 audio track in an empty project

2. set all tracks output to bus1 (aux1, your "master bus" will be created in the mixer)

3. Select track 3 & 4 and create a track stack from them

This should set the outputs of track 3-4 to bus2 and create an aux2 for the stack summing track, but instead aux1 is "converted" to the summing track of the track stack. Can't be right...

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