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what should I aim for the stereo output volume to be?


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Why are you afraid that your mixes are quiet if they sound good?

Loudness doesn't equal quality.

Mix them as good as you can, then do the loudness treatment in mastering.



Thanks Triplets, thats true of course, at the moment my mixes are not for commercial use and won't go to a mastering engineer, so I would like them loud for myself and people I work with and for sending demos.

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Thank you David & triplets


I think I am getting there, with your help! 2 questions:

1.Can you confirm that if my stereo Output is peaking at -6db, this acceptable, and if I then add the adaptive limiter, and it takes the stereo output up to say -0.5 yellow, then this is still acceptable?


2. if so, why don't I just turn the channels all up to make the stereo output reach -0.5db yellow without using the adaptive limiter? does using the adaptive limiter make a difference?


please excuse my ignorance!

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You need the adaptive limiter to tame lonely peaks that can make the stereo output clip.

And you also use it to increase loudness.

It's easier to move one fader and still have control.

Put the Output knob on the Adaptive Limiter to -0.3 to avoid peaks that might slip thru.


-6dB on the mix is very good.

Look also at the RMS values on the Adaptive Limiter. That's an average that tells you the perceived loudness over time.

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