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Deleting in Piano Roll doesn't delete in score?

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Hi - I'm a fairly new user so apologies if this is 101.


I tend to begin programming my drums on one track in Logic Pro X using Drum designer as my instrument. Once I've got it how I like it, I create to more new tracks, and move the snares and cymbals to those tracks leaving the first one as bass drums.I do this by deleting all the notes from the piano roll except the drums I want on that track.


BUT - since upgrading from Logix Express, something weird is going on. Although the notes in the piano roll delete (using either the eraser tool or delete key) they're still somehow there. They have gone from the piano roll Ok, but they are still in the score - and they still play. So I have 3 full drum tracks going!


Can anyone help please? Cannot work it out!


Thanks in advance,



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Thanks Volovicg. What's I've actually discovered is that for some reason the piano roll editor at the bottom of the main screen won't show my region. It says 'No Regions Selected' in the local inspector window. If I 'open' the piano roll editorfrom the 'window' menu however (so it pops up in a seperate window) it works absolutely fine.


Any idea?


Thanks again



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