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Any way to stop Logic auto adjusting faders?


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When audio clips are dragged onto tracks? No matter what I have the fader on, on both the macbook and imac pro, it puts them where it wants to. I don't work like that.. I keep at unity to start and gain change first by adjusting clip volume then using blue cat gain suite of plugins and then lower faders as I go along.


it's just annoying is all. There must be a way to stop it that I'm missing.


Much appreciated..



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Ahh, thanks for the tip.. well, that's something I guess.. Thank you...


Edit, it's still annoying, and should be able to override it when dragging it in, with a command key. I can honestly say this feature is entirely unique to Logic, no other DAW auto volumes.


Yes i turn down the volume to preview it correctly, but I don't mix that way in my initial gain staging, so it's a real workflow inhibitor for me personally. I'll ask apple if they can make it optional. Cheers

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Ok, when i alt click the file browser volume preview, it actually sets it to -6.. that's the default. I can not get it to zero no matter how hard I try, cause I can't seem to give it any sort of fine adjustment. I have tried the usual modifier keys. Is there any way to snap the preview volume to 0 so when i drag files into an audio track, the fader stays at unity? this is getting really frustrating.. Logic never used to do this, and I have come back to it after 3 years on Cubase and PT, and using it more and more... Sorry to be a bother.
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Try this: Open the mixer in "All" view, locate the "Prelisten" channel strip and set its fader to 0db unity. Works in 10.0.7.



very clever, thank you :)


Unfortunately Apple really want the minus 6DB.. I correct it on the mixer, close the mixer, and it goes back to minus 6.




I thought for a second I had a solution.. I tried tricking it by saving a screenset but it keeps jumping back.. I guess it's funny at this point, but thanks for trying.

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