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problems using Prophet 2000 as midi keyboard with Mackie Logic Control


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I was using a SCI Prophet 2000 as midi keyboard (long story) connected to Logic via a focusrite 2i4.

However when I run it in conjunction with the Mackie LC the Prophet stops working. The configuration is as follows


focusrite.out > in.Mackie.out > in.P2000.out > in.focusrite


Even after I disconnect the Mackie the Prophet still does not function correctly but instead sends control messages to Logic, changing screen-sets and other app specific things. Midi Monitor reports that the keys being pressed are sending midi data correct for each key.


Somehow the control surface setup for the Mackie is interfering with the Prophet as a midi keyboard and the only way to make it work again is to delete com.apple.logic.pro.cs and keep the Mackie disconnected.


Whatever the case, I cannot get the two devices to work together and can only guess that it is some midi specific issue in Logic that is beyond my understanding but not beyond the understanding of folk on this forum.


Note, the only thing I haven't tried yet is to configure the Prophet to use midi thru which you have to manually switch, which I can't do because the switch is broken (long story)


Some help or advice would be enormously appreciated.



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