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Time & Pitch Machine - Cant select all track to process


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I'm having problems changing the bpm of a whole Acapella in time & pitch machine.

I've done it loads of times before with no problem, But it is only letting me change 0.22 secs of the track.

I have selected edit, select all - but this makes no difference. hope you can help.

Thanks Willis


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Your screenshot has a window open which obscures whether you have "Track" or "File" selected. This was something that drove me nuts when Logic 8 or 9 changed to Logic 10. Previously there was only one option.


Make sure you have got File selected - ie the whole region of what it is you are trying to change in Time and Pitch Machine



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Thanks Music Spirit for you time.

I do have File selected, i have used time & pitch machine loads of time with no problem.

But no matter what sample i load in, it seems to be stuck in like a default & only changes a tiny part.

And I've searched the internet but cant find anyone with the same problem.


All i can think is to uninstall logic then reinstall it but then i would have to load up all my plugins again.


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