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Automation triggering late


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Hello. I’m experiencing Logic’s automation being triggered audibly late in relation to where I set it, about one beat which is a lot.


This is happening with a session with one simple track with very few plugins. In settings, I have sample accurate automation checked for everything.


Is this happening to anyone else?



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Normally, yes.

Do you have plugin delay compensation enabled? If so, try disabling same (either at Off or Audio and Software Instrument Tracks).

There was report about some automation syncing problem when automation was used on the main channelstrip (instead of Aux). The workaround (I understood) was to either avoid setting automation sample accuracy when plugin delay compensation was On, or use automation on Auxes instead.

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Hey guys, thanks everyone for these tips. I’ll check these settings and post the results.


Atlas, as for turning off delay compensation, it sounds to me like the cure is worse than the disease, right? :-) In that case, I prefer to just set the automation by ear, drawing it in the right place for it to be triggered when I want it. Anyway, this stuff really seems like a serious bug to me, especially when Apple gives us a setting claiming sample accurate automation in Logic. I really must trust the software to just do what it claims to do, I think...

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