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French clavinet bass?

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I love the bass-sound in this song, you get the essence from it (it is soloed) from 4:35.



Ive tried to emulate the sound by having two identical miditracks, but on two different octaves; one clavinet without low freq, and a bass without high freq - but it does not sound anything the same so I might be way off track here.


How do they make that sound? Is it a clavinet, or is it some other clever trick?

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I do think it is a clavinet (or pianet, or similar), but it is not really a bass, in fact, it sounds like it has been hipassed.

I did a quick mockup (without the panning or the exact same notes or the layering with another sound, or the reverb - just the clav) I think this already comes close to the sound of the base layer.




Clav quick mockup.aif.zip

Here's the complete channel strip:

Disto Clav Electric Feel quick first attempt.cst.zip

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