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Novation Sl MKII and Logic Pro X


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Hi everyone,


I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to post this. But anyways. I have a Novation Sl MKII, and it drives me nuts. I want to simply use it as a normal midi controller, where I can assign the transport buttons (play. stop etc buttons) and quick access automation to one of its knobs and I just can't!


I go to Logic's quick access automation, I hit learn, I move a knob, but nothing happens!! On the novation sl mkii I turn off the automation button, I am just having the transport button on and at the low right part I have the user button on. So like this quick access automation doesn't work, but the transport buttons work fine... And since automation quick access automation doesn't work, I uninstall automap so that I can use just as a normal controller, and when I do so quick access automation works, but I can't assign the transport buttons - I hit learn in logic's key commands window, I then press the buttons on novation's sl mkii but nothing shows up...


I have tried to assign both automation quick access and the transport buttons to my evolution uc-33e controller and worked like a charm. Any help please??


Thanks much in advance....

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