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Alchemy: Assigning modulation to a modulation parameter

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I'm not sure where to look for an answer... I'm not very experienced with crafting my own sounds, but I want to learn. So here goes:


In Alchemy, is it possible to assign for example an envelope to modulate some aspect of a modulation?


My process:

- I assigned an LFO to modulate the filter cutoff. No biggie, the most basic thing. Works just fine.

- I was playing around with the Rate of that LFO. You know, sounds cool when you let the note play and you change the LFO rate from high to low. You get this well known effect, used already way back by Jarre (say, in Oxygene Pt. 2).

- Then I thought, well of course I can control this manually and record the knob movement with Latch or whatever - but shouldn't I also be able to assign another modulator to that LFO Rate knob?

- Fooling around, I eventually realized that with control+click (or right click) a menu pops up, and on the top of this menu it says "Add modulation". To me, it seems that I can assign, say, a new AHDSR envelope to control the LFO Rate. So I do just that.

- But nothing happens. No matter how I change that AHDSR envelope, the sound stays exactly the same.


So is it possible or not? What am I missing here? Did I mess up the assigning? Does "Add modulation" mean something totally different?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Hey Notawiz,


I think your part way there. Once you've added the LFO to the cutoff it'll show-up in the modulation panel, within the modulation panel you have the "Depth" control witch sets how much of the LFO affects the cutoff. On that "Depth" control you can add another modulation (right click and add ADSR for example) which will affect how the depth of the LFO is applied to the cutoff.


Steps -

1.Apply modulation to source (eg cutoff,). Which I think you've already done.

2. In the modulation pain (left hand middle section in Alchemy) apply a second modulation to the "depth" control of the LFO which is applied to the Cutoff.


Note - you can also apply modulation to the elements of the LFO, for example the "Rate".


Hope thats what your looking for



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Thanks, El Bura!


I noticed the Depth knob when I adjusted the amount for the LFO - but then, when I assigned the envelope to modulate the Rate, I forgot to adjust THAT Depth knob! Naturally, the envelope had no effect because the Depth was zero. Silly me.


It always amazes me, how simple a solution can be! :-)

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