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Logic Pro X certification

El Bura
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Hey David,


I'm looking to do my Logic Pro x certification here in the UK. I just wanted to ask a few questions that I thought you may be able to help with before getting your book.


1. Once certified do you need to re-certify or update your certificate when Apple releases a new version of Logic?


2. If you fail the exam first time round do you get a second chance to resit it?


3. I've seen a few trainers advertising that its mandatory to do a couple of days lessons before doing the exam, is this correct? I've been working with logic for years and think I know it very well, thus just want to check my knowledge with your book and not have to pay for a tutored class before taking the exam.


4. Lastly, is there just the one certificate for Logic? When researching I can only see one exam. I would have thought there would be a (for example) Logic 101 exam then a train the trainer exam.


Appreciate any other pointers you have about the exam and getting certified. Thanks in advance to any contributors on this.



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1. Apple typically retires older certifications 6 months after releasing a new version of the software. However as far as I know rectifying from 10.3 to 10.4 for example does not require attending a class, I believe you can do it online. To make sure go straight to the source, and ask LearnQuest: https://www.learnquest.com


2. No, there's only one chance. If you fail, you have to wait at least one week, and pay again to test again.


3. No. There is no lesson/training requirement before taking the test.


4. There is one user certification and one trainer certification.

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I'm still left a little uncertain about the "test"...Where and when is it possible to just take the test, and how much does that cost?...tia.../Steve~


Hi Steve

Where are you based?

I took my test in Greenwich (London UK)

Its about £180 if I remember correctly.


The exam is all based on David's book, so you need to have studied it well, even if you fail its a great read!

I think you need to get about 70% for a pass.

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