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ES2 'clicking' - but problem not clear to me - help!


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I'm running Logic Pro 7.1.1 on a G4 DP, 1GHz, 2GB Ram


I'm hearing a regular clicking sound when playing ES2 live froma keyboard, and cannot clear it up. I have checked all of the following:


- total number of plugins I'm using right now is:

1 instance of CS80V

1 instance of ES2

1 instance of EXS 24


... and that's it - no other plugins whatso ever


- in total 4 Audio Tracks and 4 instrument tracks are assigned in the arrange window (as well as numerous MIDI tracks)


...but - I'm not running the sequencer - I'm just playing the synth - and


- the clicking is not audio distortion from channel our output overloading

- happens when I play just one note

- does not seem to be a 'synth setting'

- is regular and not changing if I play a chord

- is not that the same freq as the LFO


Note that I'm not clear on how to affect the buffer size/latency for this plugin (or for the CS80V when used as plugin in Logic). I set the 'Delay' parameter to +10 in the parameter box, but that made no difference.


As I mentioned in a previous post - my environment shows 32 instrument objects, but I'm not sure if they are eating resources s they are not assigned to actual instruments nor are they assigned to tracks in the arrane window.


Finally, my apple/logic session is configured to use mLan to an 01V96 and the mlan software and the 01V96 are in Word-Sync


So as you can see this clicking doesn't seem to be related to one of the usually suggested issues (other than latency whcih i'm not sure I have resolved with the delay parameter).


Any thoughts, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




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