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Bulletproof way to save sessions and files online?


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Hi Guys,


Pretty new to logic and had been using ableton in the past. Im fine with everything but whenever i start a new album project i allways seem to run into the dreaded saving problems and missing audio files etc. so far so good but im just thinking of taking things a step further this time and trying to back things up online for reassurance as my macs fairly old at the mo so would be good to have something to fall back on if things screw up. Just wanted to see if anyone could help me by telling me the best site to use for this and also at the moment when im saving my files im ticking the boxes 'audio files' and im also saving it as a package... so i take it this means that if i have the project file logo on a usb stick saved this way that will contain the whole of the audio files and the whole complete package. apologies if this sounds dumb but would really like to have a final solution once and for all to keep my stuff 100 percent safe. thanks



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