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Audio Dropout


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I just returned to a project and I'm getting audio dropout. It's a simple 2-voice a cappella piece, using only EQ and reverb via Aux. One vocal track loses an occasional word on playback. The track is pieced together, and sometimes a word is lost right after a crossfade. If I go back and play that bit again, it's there, but if I start again from the beginning, the same word usually drops out. Same dropout if I bounce to a mp3.


Other things are going a bit haywire tonight. On another project I was getting a comping segment mixed up. I'm still only starting to learn quick swipe comping. With 4 takes, it seemed that though I selected one and the color was right, it played a different take every time, seemingly randomly. When I bounced the comp to a new track, that segment was from a different take. Really weird.


I tried restarting the computer a couple of times, but no effect.


Logic Pro X 10.4.1, 15” 2011 MacBook Pro, OSX 10.13

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The only effects are standard EQ and a Space Designer preset. The comp had a number of regions which I had edited manually, not quick swipe. Dropouts (maybe a half dozen or so single words in a 3 minute song) always came right after a crossfade. If I went back and played it again the word was there. I had bounced the track earlier, and when I played the bounce all was fine.
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