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Keepin' automation when plugin is closed.


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Hi, this is my first post, so hello everybody!


I've been working with Logic for 6 years and still wonder how to solve some doubts. For example, I'm trying to keep automation for future changes after I bounced the track and realized that when I quit the plugin (to release the ram) the automation is gone (because it's an automation for the plugin itself, not for the volume or common parameters).


There is some way to keep the automation? or copy and paste into another common automation track and then, if I have to bounce back the track, be able to access that automation backup to copy it back into the channel.


Well, there goes.


Best regards to everybody.

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No, I just don't want to keep the instrument plugins loaded. When it comes to mixing I have a lot of active plugins and if I keep a very heavy synthesizer like omnisphere and later I have to record some guitar, the session can be busier. It's not a big problem, but it'll be fine if I can keep the automation.
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