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how do i scroll through the mixer channels?


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I can scroll through the mixer channels one at a time with the little arrows on my computer keyboard, but how do I scroll more than 1 channel at once?

I use a mouse on my MacMini and for some odd reason I decided to connect my Track Pad as well.

Turns out that was the best thing I did because now I can swipe areas of the application that allow that, areas that allow horizontal or vertical moves but moving pages at a time but when you get use to it, you can scroll slow or fast using the Track Pad..


This includes the Mixer and Piano Roll and the Track area as well.

Oh yeah, don't forget pinching on the Track Pad (zooming in and out) works like a charm as well. :mrgreen:

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Continuing this thread on a slightly different topic. I'd like to be able to map scrolling tracks to a midi controller, i.e. turn the knob and scroll channels. Somehow it feels like it could be done, but I'm not smart enough with the Control Surfaces editor to figure this out. Anyone got any ideas? (using a Midi Fighter Twister by the way)
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