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Deep DAW integration MIDI keyboard


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I am just starting with Logic Pro X and need a midi keyboard that has out of box integration. Keyboard must have as many controls as possible, but all of them need to be seamlessly assigned. I found this list here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205896. Do this keyboards work without any drivers with all of controls automatically assigned? I like the Novation SL mkii, however I do not understand how does it work with logic. Do I need any kind of drivers or software? Or it is like plug and play? I need that all pods are assigned to smart controls no matter what instrument I choose and also that mixer and transport are fully assigned.

I have an Alesis VX49 keyboard, which has so called VIP software which I don't need. My wish is that only logic is installed, no other wraps and drivers, and the keyboard works as

a native tool. I know that I can assign every instrument by hand to my Alesis, but it is just not fun to do every instrument manually. Keyboard seems not natural with Logic.

I also heard that Nektar Panorama is good for logic, then the question is why it is not on the official apple list? Does it mean it still requires some weird drivers?

If there is something that I do not understand here please explain. Thanks.

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I'm using Nectar Panorama P6, which works great with Logic, while the installation process could be easier. Follow the instructions to the Tee. I do like the NI KK keybs as well, esp the mk2 ones, but I'm not a fan of the proprietary plugin that has to be used for the integration, which the P6 doesn't require.
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I had a Novation SLII and it used Automap to control parameters.

I was never able to get it to work.

Maybe it's different now, because I owned that thing about a decade ago.

I had a P4 by Nektar, and believe me, you want to follow those instructions to a T.

I also had to reinstall the drivers about every 3 months or so because something would go fiddly.

The Keybed was pretty awful, too.

I heard they improved the keyboard action, so YMMV.

I currently have a Komplete Kontrol S88(MKI) and I love it.

I hear the MKII had a different (and maybe better) keyboard in it.

But until MCU compatibility is returned, I'm sticking with my MKI.

Best of luck in your search.

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