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Another Marquee surprise...


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Logic doesn't stop surprising me and maybe this is something most of you already know, but I discovered this by accident


The Join feature, to create a new region out of 2 or more regions, is something I use all the time. One thing that always bothered me was that, if I edited an audio region and the first region was not on a specific beat (maybe it was at or something), that would create a gap between beat 1 and the beginning of the region. The would also happen at the end of the last region and the next beat or bar. The solution: I would find a silence part of the region, align it with beat 1 and then find a way to also align it with the next beat so I could have a new region from beat 1 to beat 2 or maybe from bar 1 to bar 2, like a whole region.


Today I decided (by accident) to select the whole bar with the marquee tool and then do the Join thing. To my surprise, Logic created the whole region, the same length as the marquee selection. Too confusing? See the images below ;)


And by the way, this works the same way for MIDI regions as well.



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