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I'm setting up my Lemur to insert a specific plugin in an insert slot. This works, but Logic uses ID's for every plugin it's using and I have no way of finding out these numbers. I use these numbers in the 'multiply' field of the controller assignemt. For instance, '1' inserts plugin "Phat EQ".


Anybody knows where Logic stores it's index of numbers for plugins?

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From what I remember when I was doing this, this is not a fixed static thing - Logic scans the available plugins on the system, and builds an internal list of the available plugins, and when opening them with control surface, you're opening plugin 9 in the list which happens to be (say) Waves RenComp, but if you add/remove plugins, the list of available plugins will be different, and the plugin loaded from offset 9 might now be something else.


So if you are relying on this method to insert specific plugins, you might be onto a non-starter, as you'll find that you won't be able to guarantee to open the same plugin all the time (unless you never install/remove plugins.)

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