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Macbook Pro 2018 - External USB Interface Dropout

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yeh i did the sysdiagnose dump for display flickering issue with video just so they call me and ask me the 3rd time if i have an external calibration device.


they also announced new GPUs today, my laptop is about a month old... and i opted for maxed out sans second to top SSD, which was pretty damn expensive.


And after a month of limited use (since its mostly trouble shooting and apple support calls), it becomes old. Not happy with my purchase this time round, if this doesnt get solved I'm switching to windows.


Maybe it doesn't work, but this doesnt either and its 5x as expensive.

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I'm not gonna spend too much time swearing about the Vega addition, since it'll probably generate even more heat....and tank the max turbo even more.... at least that's what I'm telling myself. But it does leave a bad taste to have a fairly significant graphics update 3 months after purchase.


Oddly enough, I ran several hours over several days without any audio glitch - at least none in the logs that I could find. Which makes this even more special since its *so* unpredictable.


Have you tried 10.14.1 yet? Apparently the firmware for the T2 was updated yet again. I'm still on 10.13.6 since I haven't had any KPs and don't want to temp fate, but I'd be interested to hear if the latest point update does anything.

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Quickie update for any other T2 chip users. It seems like the time sync process (timed) *is* the culprit, as the dropouts can be caused by turning time sync and time zone sync off and on in sysprefs. This resets/resyncs the system clock and causes the audio engine to pause and restart. To avoid the dropouts, turn off wifi and any other network (wired, etc). Bunch more updates in the gearslutz and macrumors threads for those who care to follow along.
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