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Optimisation of OS?


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hi folks, here we go:


i do have only a few audio apps on my maschine, except the ones which are coming with OSX such as iPhoto, iMovie and stuff, i have the computer for audio work only!!, tied fully into my studio setup, but i don't want to delete the apps (the ones that are part of the OSX packet) like iMovie as i can make VERY occasionally use of them...


my question is: would it improve the performance of my system for audio related work (under OSX) when i set up a multiple user account for the studio, say for example ME as being able to access everything (administrator) and an account "studio" with only the audio apps selected i regularly use like logic, peak....


i don't mean the startup time of the mashine, i really don't care how long that takes...

just the pure performance of my few pro audio apps... during work.


thanks for any advise, experience or input!




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there's no need to do that at all....if ur already use ur mac just for music then why make a seperate user login for...besides...when u have to install any new plugs or software updates, u'll b asked to authenticate the administrator or give the administrator password.


os x is designed to be a user-friendly pro application operating system, let it be the way it wants and u'll find u'll have less probs

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