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LPX needs some modular thingy...

Sascha Franck

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Ok, I'm calling this "thingy" because it doesn't necessarily have to be just another plugin.


So, there's those modular subhosts/plugins, allowing you to cable up all sorts of plugins in all sorts of ways. Think Bidule or ImageLines Mini Modular Host (IMO the king of the crop still was Energy XT in it's 1.x incarnation, but that's almost a century away...).

Just that none of those will allow you to load any of Logics internal plugins - which is quite a shame. It is also that, if integrated into Logic, several more things would be possible, such as full integration of the MIDI signal flow.

Just think of it as an environment (does anyone even still know and use it?) on steroids, including audio support. Or as a mixture of the environment functionality and track stacks.


As a very simple example of what this would be good for: Imagine running a recorded guitar signal (real amp, external simulation, internal amp simulation - doesn't matter) without the speaker information through a cab IR, using, say, Space Designer (a very common way to record guitars these days). Now you want to run the signal through two SD instances in parallel. Right now, to get you there, you'd have to set up a bus routing of some sorts or perhaps use track stacks. And while this is all fine and dandy, it's in no way even remotely as easy to utilize compared to having, say, parallel track inserts - and while I wish those would exist, too (but that might be another request), you would not even need them with such a modular subhost. Just insert that, call up two instances of SD inside, drag some connections and be done.


Obviously, this would allow for plenty of other things, too, some being bread and butter, others inviting you to go for highly experimental stuff.

As an example, Energy XT back in the days had a whole bunch of modulators coming with it (LFOs, envelopes, arpeggiators and what not) which could be used to modulate pretty much anything in the signal chain offering any controls. You could, say, have two synths playing in parallel, run them into the (also included) mixer and control their levels with one of those modulators (modular hosts work as both instrument and FX plugins) so that they would alternate. Imagine doing that with a MSEG. And imagine slapping an arpeggiator in (a better one than that supplied with Logic, offering piano roll alike note arrangements). And that's almost a very simple example - the options are endless.


So, IMO this would be an extremely useful addition to Logic, providing an incredible boost of options to deal with both standard daily life scenarios and sound scaping madness.

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You can buy one of analog synthesizer virtual instruments. that will let you build a really complex analog synth patch, if that's what you mean to do. I think Apple at this point, wouldn't go to all the programming work to make it feasible. And yes, I'd love to see one too.

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Nah, it's got nothing to do with synthesis per se. At least not exclusively. Just a modular audio routing environment - which could as well be used for synth stuff.

A mixture of Bitwigs new "Grid" and, say, Bidule.

2010 MP 2x2.66GHz, 16GB, 500GB SSD System/Logic drive, Zoom UAC-2, LPX 4.2, OSX 13.6.
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