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What format for pasting in midi patch names?

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I'm in the process of adding patch names to my Kuzweil SP4/8 in the midi environment. I have a list of the names in excel (one name per cell listed downwards) but if I copy them and paste them into the midi environment (option/paste all names), the names paste to every other patch, so patch 1 is patch 1, patch 2 is blank, patch 3 has the name of patch 2 etc.


If I init the names back to numbers and copy them, then paste them into excel and copy them back to Logic, the same thing happens...so I'm thinking i've not quite got the format right?


What's the best format for copy/pasting?

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Have you tried the method described in the documentation:

  • Copy (via the Clipboard) from a different multi-instrument, or from a word-processing program. The Clipboard functions for a whole sound bank are available in the Options pop-up menu.
  • First, copy the program numbers or General MIDI names to the Clipboard, and add them to a word-processing document.
  • You can then edit the names and copy the whole section back again.


Excel files often embed some formatting (hidden) characters that could affect the transfer outcome.


I get satisfactory (expected) results using the standard TexEdit app.

LogicPro 10.7.4, MainStage 3.6,
MBPro 17", Core2Duo, 8G, OSX 10.12.6, MacPro, Xeon 6Cores, 64GB, OSX 10.16.1,
ULN8, MOTU MIDI TP-AV, C4, MCU Pro, KorgNano, Novation SLMkII, Several vintage gear
AAS, NI, Celemony, Spectrasonics, Korg, Arturia, etc..., PC, iPadPro 5th gen 12.9”(Duet D., V-Control & LogicRemote), AtariST(Notator SL),

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I have just had this exact problem, when copying from a PDF into Excel. In Word it was no better (even showing formatting does not reveal what is wrong). As Atlas 007 points out, it is ok if copied into TextEdit then pasted into Logic.

Logic Pro X 10.4.5

15" MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Core i7 2013 8GB RAM

MacOS 10.14.5

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