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Importing audio into other programs


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Hi All,

I have a job where I need to import Logic tracks at 48khz 24 bit into Cubase or ProtooIs. In Logic I have bounced the tracks at that sample rate in file format WAV & they end up in the Audio window as intended. They also appear to be timestamped which is essential for the positioning. My problem is when I try to import them into a new Logic song to test whether they are doing what they are supposed to I don't have the option to select the bounced tracks from the drive. They are there but are not selectable (greyed out). The only way I can get them into the song is to first select "add audio file" in the AudioWindow then "add files to arrange". They are then imported into the song but all tracks are inserted at the song position not in their original song positions. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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