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Create patch with midi, audio, aux

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I would be more than grateful if anyone could help me out on this one.

I'm producing and mixing an entire album where I've recorded a live drum set. The album has the same type of sound throughout the whole record and I have come up with a drum sound that I really like that I now want to use on all of the songs.


My question is: How do create a patch (or another solution that does the job) where I can move my SUM track stack containing

1. audio tracks with all insert and sends

2. Midi doubles for kick, snare, and toms

3. The respective aux that I use for FX, sums and parra comp


It would be a huge timesaver to open up this ready with volume, pans and all setting good to go and just throw in the new audio/midi files for the respective song.


Thanks guys for a great forum

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One solution might be to create the patch in a separate project, then import that patch from the template each time you need it. If you don't want to go through the hassle of repeating setting up the patch, midi, etc, simple "Save a Copy as…" under a new name (Audio assets is automatically checked), strip the copy down to the bare essentials of what you need, and use that as the template.


An easier solution might be to create a custom patch. If I've understood you correctly, Eric Cardinas explains and excellent 'hack' that might be what you're looking for here:



LPX.4.8, PTools 2019.10, iMac Retina. 5K, 27", 4GHz, Ci7 Turbo, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, OS 10.14.6

LPX.4.8, PTools 2019.10, MbPro 15" 2018 T2/Touch, 2.9GHz, Ci9, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, OS 10.14.6

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