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Audio Input/Output Plugin?

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I'm already using all the possible input and outputs of my interface (Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre, with 8 extra in+out with behringer ADA8200 and 2 other with an SPDIF converter).


I have a full band setup so I use all the inputs for live drums and other instruments and all the outs for the IEMs, monitor, butt kicker....


Now I've got a Line6 Firehawk FX pedalboard which is stereo but I don't have an extra analog free channel, so the idea is to use the internal USB audio interface.




Aggregating the devices I always get an added latency even to the main interface so I cannot go this way...


I know that there is a plugin from Audreio (Remote Audio IO) that you can use to route audio into logic but it seems to get it just from an iOS device, not local sources... this would be perfect, it's already 3/4 of what I need.


Someone knows if a plugin that you can use to get audio from another interface exist? I Don't care so much if the clock isn't perfect and if there's a bit more of latency on this input, but I need to keep the main interface with a latency as low as possible, this is why I cannot aggregate..


Already tried the Loopback software: added latency like with the OS aggregation, so no good.


An input plugin would be perfect to route Mac applications to logic busses, so useful that if it doesn't exist it would be quite strange... but I cannot find it.


Help pleeeease!

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