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Deleting factory Apple loops including dimmed ref.


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What I wanted to do was clear all factory Apple loops from the Logic loop browser so I could just have my own ones that I make or buy.

The problem was that even after I deleted them, Logic kept reindexing them so they showed up the dimmed versions which is not what I wanted.

After lots of searching I think I have figured it out.


Deleting the loops from Library/Audio/Apple loops/Apple gets rid of the aiff files.


In Logic 10.4.4 I found the files in Applications. Logic. Show package contents/resources/AppleLoopindex.


If you delete everything in there and then delete the Database file in Users/Music/Audio Music Apps/Databases.


Restart Logic and reindex in the loop browser it will be empty.


Now you can add all your own stuff and none of the stuff you don't want.


I hope this helps someone.



Logic 10.4.4

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You know, I was just about to get rid of those. I never use them, so nice tip. Thanks.


I spent ages searching for a way to do it and I know some people will say why bother. I just like having all the browser with files of my choice. You can go another step and use Apple loops utility software so you can tag all your own samples.

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3 hours ago, matthewmwarren said:

After learning that Producer Packs are not commercially licensable

That content has a different licence agreement to the rest of Logic's content? I'm surprised - where did you see this?

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No worries, thanks for checking. To the best of my knowledge, and the license agreement, Logic's content is free to be used in commercial music - in fact, there have been numerous hit records featuring prominent and obvious Apple loops from Logic.

Remix sessions are something different - basically, a bit like commercial demo projects you can play with, but you can't use in your own works.

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