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SCORE: Beaming 1/16th Note Triplets


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I'm working on a piece with a lot of 1/16th note triplets. I'm wanting to have two sets of 3 beamed triplets (double beam) but join them with the top beam only. This example shows two sets of triplets in measure 21, but I want it to look like measure 22 (It was altered graphically)



I know I could fake it with a graphic line... but I'm hoping to do it without resorting to such nonsense.




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Atlas, I'm not sure where you're getting that the duration of any of the triplet notes are different. The graphic mod was done in Photoshop.


Our Good friend "Ski" solved the riddle with a 2nd voice cleverly ghosting the the first of the triplet notes as an 1/8th note with the head removed. Then, all the stems are adjusted to make the beams line up in such a way as to join the two sets of triplets as one beat. And unless I missed that day in class, all the notes within the beat are of the same duration.



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After running it by many well trained professionals... most thought that separating the two sets of triplets would be easier to read.


Thanks Dan that is useful to know! But what is their take on your choice of Beam.. would it not be OK in that case just to have the two separate sets of triplets and save time?

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This was a very interesting discussion with my cohorts. Four choices.... two sets of triplets, one set of sextuplets, two beamed set of triplets with double beams all the way (Like your example) and then, the final version which was the hardest (of course!) the two sets of triplets with a single beam between. All are correct. I'm very motivated to make the most "readable" choices, be they the way rhythm is written or the other big issue; choice of accidental (sharp or flat).


In this case, when polled, the clear choice was the two sets joined by one beam.

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