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Lock Space Designer Settings While Flipping Through Presets


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I've been using SD more of late to recreate some of the 3rd party plug-ins I own, to make sharing with collaborators easier. (e.g. Altiverb, RVerb, etc...)

Is there a way to lock the settings in while flipping through presets ? I don't see a way to do this. I noticed if you use SD on a bus, it puts the Dry to 0 which is helpful, but it still resets all the EQ curves, Predelay, Low/High split, etc... , If you load the IR Sample file, that works but there's no way to easily flip through those.


In case anyone's interested, I've attached my SD simulation of Altiverb's excellent Allaire Neve Room, which has always been one of my favorites.

Allaire Neve Room Simulation.pst

2.7 Intel Core i5 iMac

OS X 10.15.7 (Catalina)

8 GB Ram

Logic 10.6.1

UAD Apollo 8

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Good idea to have an option to lock the settings. In the meantime have you noticed that if you load a .wav or .aif file that the settings don't change. Also, dragging and dropping from a finder window can speed up auditioning.

Logic 10.5.1 | Mojave | retina iMac 4GHz i7 32GB

Logic 10.4.8 | High Sierra | MacMini 2.3GHz, i7 16GB

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