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Import/Create Track Names Based on a List


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Hi there,


New to Logic, so forgive me if this is a simpler question than it seems based on my initial digging.


Basically, I'd like to create a project where each track is named based on a pre-defined filename so that I can export the contents of that track when eventually recorded as an audio file with that name. I require several hundred tracks to be created in this way, so typing each track name in manually would be a lot of work.


I was wondering if there might be some way of importing a list, say, from Excel or similar, of all the required file names and having Logic create a bunch of tracks with those names, or possibly creating some kind of super basic project file that could be imported to create a bunch of empty tracks with the names required, if that makes sense.


Like I say, apologies if this is simpler than it appears to be, and thanks for any and all help offered.

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Unfortunately short of designing some kind of hack to modify the ProjectData file inside the Logic file's package, what you're asking is not possible.


Or... come to think of it you could probably automate something that selects a track, uses the key command Rename Track, enters the desired text, selects the next track etc...

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Not exactly what you want, but maybe it helps a little bit.

There is a possibility to batch rename tracks by selecting, control-click, rename channel-strip. And when you put a number on the last position of the name, logic will count +1 from that number. The Video shows the behaviour from version 10.4.5 on. In the version before, it was even easier, just select the tracks and rename them directly.


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Hello! I think I believe I found a possible answer for you as I too was facing the same need to import about a hundred specific file names into Logic as track names. (I'm sure it's too late for whatever project you're working on, but it could help for the future or others looking to do this.)

What I did was found some arbitrary .mp3 file that I had laying around (a short audio file preferably), named it something generic, then duplicated that file so I had the same number of duplicated .mp3s as the amount of tracks that you have names for and want to "import". Then, you open all of those .mp3s into an .mp3 tag editor. I personally use a program called MP3Tag (https://www.mp3tag.de/en/) which is $19.99 in the app store for Mac or free if you have a PC I believe. With this program you are able to import text from a text file and have it change the file names of the .mp3s all automatically, you just have to have your titles in a .txt file, with each new title on a new line of text. So from here you can change the names of all these random .mp3s to the names that you have text for. There might be a free program that is able to do this as well, however, this is just the program that I have and have used. From there all you have to do is import all of these MP3s into Logic and have them create new tracks for each new imported .mp3, which will then create new tracks with all the new names that you need. Then just delete all the audio files since they don't really matter and you're left with all the tracks with all your "imported" names.

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